Keyple Calypso Application API

version 1.0.0

Calypso Portable Object Selection

Compared to the generic Card Selection API (cf., a PO Selector could be defined to accept only non-invalidated Portable Object (in this cas an invalidated PO isn’t selected).

In addition, a PO Selection Request provides methods:

The matching SmartCard resulting from a PO Selection Request is a Calypso PO. In case file records have been read during the selection: the corresponding data could be recovered in the Calypso PO card image.

Calypso Selection v1.0.0

Calypso Portable Object Transaction

A Card Resource is a set of a Reader and a selected Card application.

To operate a Calypso transaction:

A Calypso PO image provides public ‘getters’ in order to recover the information of the selected PO (startup data, file data, … etc).

A transaction with a Calypso PO is fully managed through the PoTransaction object:

Global Architecture

Calypso card image

Calypso PO card image

Calypso transaction

Most of the process methods have a ‘Channel Control’ parameter in order to define if the logical with the selected Calypso has to be kept open or to be closed after the processing of the prepared PO commands.

Calypso transaction

Data model extension

Calypso transaction

Secure session sequence

Calypso session